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Monday, 25 March 2013

Malaysian Railways

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Malaysian Railways has been there since 1885 (the proper one) and subsequently expanded and contracted over the history. The main purpose of the tool above is to give the users understanding the current distribution of the railway network and their status. A specialty of this map it highlights the upcoming railway project lines and old dismantled line. The new ongoing projects would be double tracking and electrification of the West Coast Line and the introduction of mass rapid transit in Klang Valley (shown in the map) The above map is prelude to a full-blown Malaysian Railway Web Application:

I have noted my sources for the datasets and the information gathered for the map on both of the links. I would like to fully acknowledge FMS Railway site ( on their effort in detailing the expansion of the railway network in Malay Peninsula. I would like to fully credit the KTM Railway Museum in Kuala Lumpur Station for pre WW2 Malayan Railway Network Map (utilized for the digitization of dismantled routes) and Wikipedia for upcoming projects and Sabah Railway Network. Finally, credits to the government and engineering company sites (i.e. Gamuda)
User in Australia:  'this is awesome. something like transperth'
User in Canada: 'very nice''
User in Pahang: 'You must've struggled for hours doing this....keep it up man.We're all proud of you.'
User in Sabah:  'Wow this is a good map. I just had time to glance thru but from 1st impression, it looks impressive ..... I can't produced such a map ..... Good job .....'
User in KL: 'good job mate. I like it.''

Danesh Request:
Can you guys could research and fill any gaps for the completion years for some railway networks (i.e. Pasir Gudang Link)?
Can you guys tell me what other interesting railway features I must put in the map?

Monday, 11 March 2013

Malaysian Dams Portal (2)

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ArcGIS link for the malaysian dam portal
Faster Link:
Any form unauthorized edits would disqualify me of any inaccuracy charges and claims. Edits that I perform will be notified in the blog. Click on the map, then proceed to more details, then in the detail section, click open in arcGIS Explorer Online to see the full map. Or, go to the hyperlink above for the direct page.
New Update on the dashboard have been inserted on 13/3/2013
Wherever there is a request of information statement, I appeal to users to find the information from reliable sources (With evidence too) to fill the remaining gaps. This same applies if you can information on other dam locations not shown in the map.