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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Opening Welcome

After some time of pondering, I have concluded I should a blog on maps related to Malaysia. It is part of grander scheme to eventually install Atlas of Malaysia by me or someone else. This blog will focus primarily on maps I have produced relating to any topics in Malaysia. I have previously contributed a lot to Open Street Map, free web mapping application especially in the Penang area.

 I have graduated in Bachelor of Geomatics- Mapping & Surveying in Australia. The blog is intend to built my profile up as a budding, passionate cartography. It is cartography, not food, that created deep sentimental attachment with Malaysia as my home.

 Please do not confuse this blog as gateway to online Atlas of Malaysia. The blog is to create an interest among Malaysians and outsiders to push for the implementation of the atlas.

 Will keep the readers posted whenever I am free.

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