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Monday, 8 April 2013

My comment in OSM Malaysian forum hit above 1000 views

Prior creating this blog, I (dpc1991) was active contributor of data to Malaysian Map of OSM. Before Google released the location of all bus stops in Penang, I was collecting the locations over the years and uploading them on OSM. At that time, the Penang public and others did not have readily accessible information on this. I tried publicizing them through facebook, failed attempt on Malaysian Daily (STAR) and through the OSM forum. I posted the my comment that I am uploading the locations of the bus stops and bus routes on OSM (in September 2012) and updated my statement in November. In my updated statement, I told publicly that Google has successfully dashed my work by uploading all the locations on Google Maps on one stroke. Today, I made a random check on the forum list, I am currently ranked in the TOP TEN VIEWS for the OSM forum (for the bus stop comment).

*-Open Street Map (OSM) is free editable map whereby anyone can edit, contribute to the mapping work and subsequently download the data for free.

Thank you to my viewers! I'll try to contribute to OSM in future

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