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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year!

2013 is gone and 2014 has just started. This blog will celebrate its' first anniversary on 16th January. Let's review what the blog has covered and changed overtime:

  • Original intention of the blog was to cover topics that would underlay a future online Malaysian Atlas.Now, the blog is still focused on Malaysia but have topics of introducing map concepts to novice and technical people
  • Original blog was very wordy. Today, the blog's wording is limited to cover what it is important and relevant to the map products above.
  • The main target audience was Malaysian people. However, the number one source of audience came from Australia, followed by Malaysia and closely, United States. The blog has been viewed and read by audience across 6 continents
  • There is general trend of rising and collapsing numbers of readers. In total 983 unique visitors were identified since April
  • In July, the whole blog was revamped of its template for readers to subscribe and if necessary, contact the author. There was a push to publish 2 articles per month basis
  • Slightly over 50% reached this blog through social media. The author aggressively promoted blog on social media to garner audience. Linkedin was a major source of traffic for the blog as the audience is well-versed what the author communicating in his writings
Goals in 2014:
  • Increase engagement time from 1 minute plus to 3 minutes on monthly average. 
  • The share of audience who stays in the blog less than 10 seconds must be reduced from 70% to 50%.
  • Spend less time making one themed maps as it is time consuming and amount of traffic received for the maps is unsatisfactory.
  • Hopefully, the blog is more self-sustaining by having more subscribers, more comments and engagements in the blog. Most commenting was done outside the blog.

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