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Friday, 14 March 2014

Hiatus in the Blog


Wondering why the silence in my Blog? Yes, I would be taking break at the moment in updating the blog. I have lined two part series articles on Naming issues. So, what I have been up to

Venezuela Atlas Project

Draft of my Venezuelan A1 Size Map
If you scroll in the blog archive, I did mention about my big Venezuelan Map Project ( I was assembling the datasets and started working on cleaning and updating them from June to October. Then, I suspended the project for three months for another project (mentioned below). On 1st February 2014, I officially resumed the project. The whole of February was devoted to complete the first round of dataset cleansing of every state in Venezuela (primarily road checking). On 1st March, the BIG MOMENT came! For the first time in my life, I am print out A1 size map (I was imagining the size while going to the print shop). With the draft map, I have begun the scrutiny of the map and scouting every possible error. This month would be devoted to add the cities and their population data across Venezuela. For other months, I haven't planned out the project scope. I hoping to conclude the project tentatively on 30th June 2014. Time is short

Tindak Malaysia Delimitation Project

My proposed Kedah map demonstrated in the Tindak Malaysia Forum
Part of the reason Venezuelan Atlas project was suspended is because I was involved in the Delimitation Project. Refer to for details. I was involved in the project from July 2013 to February 2014 (where the forum is the culmination of Tindak Malaysia's Delimitation project). This NGO based in Malaysia created a network of volunteers of map-makers (hardly anyone came from cartography/geospatial background). After experimenting different softwares, we made a shift to non-GIS based softwares to speed-up the completion of national election mapping project. This project aims to redistrict the mal-apportioned electoral boundaries in Malaysia fairly. As the pressure grew to finish the project, me, being the lone GIS user was rushing through (in the wee hours of the morning) to complete Kedah map (the state I was allocated with). Two proposed maps were produced, matched the publication specifications and finally submitted in early February. Forum was held on 15-16th February, since then our maps (including mine) would have been viewed or questioned by many people at the forum or outside.

The purpose of these maps is to challenge potential Malaysian Election Commission (EC) Maps. It was rumoured that EC will start the drawing in March (no further updates since then). Meantime, this NGO and other election related in NGOs in Malaysia have been engaging the public to get involved in electoral redelineation project. Tindak Malaysia's approach conducted without on ground voter consultation. However, if EC were to do their maps soon, this NGO's maps could be used by the public to object them.

I am still involved with them and still advising them on GIS matters.

Basically, these two projects made my blog very quiet. So don't panic about the blog being abandoned. I hope I can release new articles towards the end of the month.

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  1. Currently Venezuelan atlas project is on hold as I got other projects and works to take on