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Saturday, 3 January 2015

Looking Back!

It is time of the year (hopefully not too late) to examine what the blog has achieved and how you helped the blog in these achievements

Early in the year, I have made the point to shift the focus from Malaysian centric topics to mapping centric topics. Yes, I achieved this as the posts are reflecting a balance level of topics on Malaysia and the world.

Let's examine some of the consultancy works I did in 2014:

  •  Producing a simple map of Mauritian region for architectural project
  •  Developing a fast way to identify a new centre line for a new road in an Australian City
  •  Listing out the principles of geographical naming in Malaysia (in English) for external  consultant
  •  Advising and working with my Election NGO on cartographic matters for electoral  delimitation
  •  Strategic advice on how to improve cartographic design in ArcGIS
  •  Advice my Ecuadorian architect friend where to get free vector data of his country

Some of my major works I completed in 2014:

Some of the key mapping events I have attended in 2014:

How did you help the blog in these achievements?

  • Sharing, retweeting and Google+ my blog posts
  • Commenting on my works on my blog and social media
  • Seeking advice from me on cartographic matters!
The question how did my works helped you?

Let's see how the blog evolve to in 2015

Thank you all!

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