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Saturday, 30 November 2013

Myths & Common questions about Mapping

As a map-maker, I often get  questions related to my field as the world, frustrating as it sounds, do not what is mapping is all about. Likewise, any map-makers do get a lot of questions and that is our unique signature as map-makers, rare species indeed.

I decided to make this video to address some of the common questions/myths related to mapping. Having said that, not much preparation was made for the script. I was talking impromptu at some sections. Even setting up the scene and choosing the clothes took 20-30 minutes.  The position, lighting, location of the tie etc...

I would like to thank my dear friend for spending time in setting up the scene, lighting and filming at late night. I credit him for the success of the  video. Hence, first time, I am looking for points of improvements for the content and the filming.

Thanks for Watching! Happy Commenting!

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