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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Selangor Housing Type and Price

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For this month, I have used ArcGIS Online to display the housing prices in Selangor for 2nd Quarter 2013. At beginning of October, I asked my friends what map should I produce. They requested:
1. Housing Prices
2. Topography
3. Crimes
4. Location of free-Wifi Spots in Penang

I chose Housing Prices (Median Price) and narrow down for Selangor. I sourced the Data from Jabatan Penilaian dan Perkhidmatan Harta (JPPH)- Property Valuation and Service Department,
For Population Density, it came from Klang Municipal Council and Malaysian Statistics Department, 
For Spatial Data, from DIVA GIS and was modified to show the modern district boundaries (with some inaccuracies).

Housing Stock Type

What I am Really Interested is how the users feel toggling between multiple layers of the online map. It is advisable that you should turn one layer at one time. I think it is challenging for me to host so much data in online GIS as the audience would be largely from non-GIS background.

-I, Danesh Chacko, disclaim from myself from inaccuracies arises from the data, portrayal of the data or any misuse of the data for other purposes. The maps above should be strictly for general reference purposes or personal-use.

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  1. Unauthorized edits outside parties on the map would disqualify me, the producer from any responsibilities related to the online map above. However, the Producer would welcome corrections and suggestions to improve.